Case Studies:

Fellows Fabrication –
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Case Study.
Fellows has for many years provided products and solutions into numerous establishments to include NHS, Hospital Trusts and Clinics to include our local New Cross Hospital on the outskirts of Wolverhampton.

To support a refurbishment programme Fellows were requested to look at several different requirements, one of them was to provide new equipment for the Mattress Cleaning Department and Mattress Storage Facility, with one of the primary objectives of being able to provide storage for a minimum 90 Mattresses.

Review Site, Existing Facilities and Process.
Look at the existing process focus on Risks and Constraints talk to the people who are hands on.
Review the Data Gathered.

As our suggestions completely changed the existing methods, we produced mock-up samples to demonstrate the solution and prove the concept.
Sample Trials.
Revised Process Approval.

Mattress Storage objective: Achieved and exceeded target with a significant improvement in air flow, Mattress rotation, together with assisting in the maintaining of the storage facility as a cleaner more manageable environment.
Moving and Handling, Mattress lifting and moving exposures reduced.
Mattress Cleaning Facilities, vastly improved working area and working height, increased Table rigidity
Equipment Cleaning facility increased and improved.