Our Range Of Granite Enamel Containers

Fellows range of Granite Enamel Containers have a high-quality granite enamel coated finish suitable for Gastronorm sized ovens on the larger size pans.

Proven to be Ideal for baking or roasting of meat, fish and vegetables.

This range of Heavy-duty Gastronorm Containers are as used by many professional Chefs or where higher volumes of food are needed to be cooked.

Based upon the GN EN 631 Standard

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EN631 Granite Enamel Containers

GN 2/1Twice Full SizeGN/FF-/040-/GE40mm
GN 2/1Twice Full SizeGN/FF-/065-/GE65mm
GN 1/1Full SizeGN/F-/020-/GE20mm
GN 1/1Full SizeGN/F-/040-/GE40mm
GN 1/1Full SizeGN/F-/065-/GE65mm

EN631 Granite Enamel Containers

Part CodeLength Ext mmWidth Ext mmDepth mmLength Int mmWidth Int mmUnit Weight Kg