COMMERCIAL: Gastronorm Containers.

Fellows have been supplying the UK market with this range of Gastronorm Containers for over 20 years. We have many long-serving and satisfied Customers in the catering industry. In comparison to many alternative low-cost Brands, the quality of the Container is instantly apparent. Designed to give long-lasting service under normal commercial use.

The size of Gastronorm Containers is determined by EN 631 standard. It’s based on the GN 1/1 or Full-Size Container having external sizes over the flanges of 530mm x 325mm. All other Containers are derivatives from this basic standard size that enables many variable nesting combinations.

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The Anti Spill range of Lids was designed primarily to prevent the container contents from spilling out. Especially, during the transferring of part or prepared food whilst simultaneously preserving the warmth and freshness of the food for longer.

Historic Note:

Fellows were one of the original UK manufacturers of Bain Marie Containers commencing with the UK Imperial range during the late 1960s and in advance of the Decimalisation change over in 1971 had introduced the Metric Standard working closely with British Standards Fellows then around 1993 around the time of the EN631 standard introduction launched our ‘B’ Pattern Range of containers and began exporting Containers into Europe.